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Who Makes Our Earrings?

Punysia, a female artist and Yepoon, a male artist.

Modern Societies earrings are hand made out of clay and hand painted in Chiang-Mai, Thailand. 

Making earrings is not their full-time job but a side hobby turned into a source of income. They are the only two people involved in the Chiang-Mai business. 

Punysia studied art in Bangkok before moving to Chiang-Mai to pursue a career as a children’s art teacher. She is responsible for the design of the earrings. 

Yepoon is a talented painter who also sells his artwork at their market stall. Yepoon is responsible for painting the earrings. 

I met Punysia and Yepoon while at a market in Chiang-Mai. Their earrings stood out for their uniqueness and creativity. 

We all met the next day and Punysia brought her aunty along to translate in English for us as I cannot speak Thai. 

We became business partners a few weeks later when I made my first order. 

I provide Punysia and Yepoon with some ideas but the majority of the designs are all original by them! 

Punysia and Yepoon value nature, sustainable packaging, creativity and ethical business.

With love,
Nicola, Modern Societies Founder