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Each Modern Societies piece is one of a kind and designed in Aotearoa New Zealand before being handmade with care using recycled, hand embroidered materials in the sacred lake city of Pushkar, India.


We collaborate with a small team of female and male artisans in India who we have spent time with in their home country and who we cherish as friends.

Modern Societies textiles are rare with some embroidery artwork dating back to the 1920s.

April, 2019

It’s a rainy week, daylight hours are getting shorter and the next solstice isn’t far away.

Another winter. Another year. Another 9 to 5, another Monday to Friday, another 365 days. 

The Modern Societies brand is created in April 2019 as a vehicle for growth, love, creativity and positive social change. 

Still April, 2019

The first Modern Societies products - one of a kind, recycled bead earrings.

Practicing patience, earrings take us between 30 minutes and 8 hours to make one pair.

August, 2019

We visit Bali, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India to learn about different cultures, businesses and materials; such as clay, gemstones, gold, silver and textiles.

We make a promise to see the entire production process of potential collaborators, to ensure all parts of their business are ethical and transparent.

We find two businesses to work with who are using sustainable materials and methods.

December, 2019

Friends are invited to be a part of the Modern Societies launch photoshoot.

This is the start of promoting an inclusive and diverse range for everyone to feel confident in.

February, 2020

Modern Societies launches online and at Splore, an annual boutique music and arts festival held at Tapapakanga Regional Park, New Zealand.

Modern Societies establishes itself primarily as an online business and secondary as a market shop where we collaborate with selected festivals.

We are grateful for the support and love from Modern Societies customers.

We now have loyal customers living in New Zealand, Australia, France and England.