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Silk Authentic Japanese Kimono (S - XL)

$120.00 NZD
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Handmade, authentic, pre-loved kimono. 

Be kind. It's in our nature. 


Wondering where our fabrics come from?

Our supplier ethically purchases kimonos from second-hand shops in Japan. 

Can you tell that the fabric is recycled? 

Majority of our fabrics look as good as new (if not better!). They are high-quality, have been washed and well looked after. Some of our oldest fabrics (40 - 70 years old) have subtle blemishes. 

How are the fabrics valued?

Value is based on the following attributes:

  • Age 
  • Origin
  • Uniqueness
  • Detail

What fabrics are the rarest?

  • Hand sewn with unique detail
  • Traditional recycled clothing
  • Naturally dyed

Are all your products 100% recycled?

Our clay earrings and shawl jackets are not 100% recycled. This information is made clear at the top of each product description. All other products are between 60% and 100% recycled. 

What are the working conditions like?

Our commitment to having the direct relationship with each supplier means that we can personally trace our product to completion. 


Try not to take size as gospel. Please refer to the images as an indication however, some styles look good baggy, some styles look nice if they're fitting - also up to individuality. 

Model is 170cm tall and wears top sizes 8, 10 and 12.