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 Who makes our clothes?

"Pushkar was the last place that I visited in search of business partners in India and their workshop was the last shop that I went to. 

In reflection, it truly feels like fate to be working together!

I initially went into this shop to find a bag for gifts for friends and whānau and was amazed by their innovative craftsmanship - we respected each other immediately. 

Preparing to come home with no business partners, I got lucky when I stumbled upon this shop. 

My business partner to-be did not promote himself like lots of store owners in India but instead a customer in his store said to me “this man custom makes jackets out of recycled fabrics. I’m buying 6!” 

I found out later that his Grandfather founded the business during the Indi-Pakistani wars. The business has been passed down for three generations now. 

His grandfather noticed all of the beautiful fabric going to waste during the war and wanted to give the hand-woven pieces a new life and decrease waste. 

The family proverb is, without trust, there’s no business at all. 

I spent four days with him and his team building a connection and making samples, and then I gave him almost every cent in my bank account and came back to New Zealand to develop the brand. 

We now keep in touch most days via WhatsApp because we can send voice notes, call, txt, send pics, videos etc. Here's how it works - 

I send style references.

He sends me hundreds of pictures of fabrics that we can recycle (skirts, blankets, artwork).

I custom design my next collection, pick some beautiful pieces he and his team have created, hand pick the best skirts. This usually takes about 2-3 months.

Him, his team and community create each piece, one by one with love. 

My business partner, his team and I value trust, fair trade, sustainable business, art and love."

With love,
Nicola, Modern Societies Founder and Designer