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Wondering where our fabrics come from?

Our supplier ethically purchases fabrics from families who have excess materials such as bedding, wall art, traditional equipment and clothing. Fair trade is honoured throughout this entire process. 

Our supplier also supports the wider business community by working with shops who are unable to sell their high-quality fabrics due to damage. This is usually because the fabrics have been unsold for too long and might have some wear and tear. Instead of the retailer being put out of business, our supplier purchases these fabrics and gives them a new life.


Wondering about us being 100% recycled?

Our clay earrings and shawl jackets are not 100% recycled. This information is made clear at the top of each product description. All other products are between 60% and 100% upcycled. 

Working conditions?

Our commitment to having the direct relationship with each supplier means that we can personally trace our product from creation to completion. We know what the wage is for all of those involved in making the product and know that it is effortlessly above the National Living Wage. Our production line is transparent and we have a kind and personal relationship with each of the people involved.

See product descriptions for more information.